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Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

(877) 465-2842

Company/Brand Latham
Product L 0785 E3
Technology Enlist E3®
Maturity 0.7
Trials Count: 20
% In Top 30: 55%

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Previous Crop
Soil Texture
Plant Date
Harvest Date
Yield (bpa)
Gross Income Rank
Yield Advantage
East Grand Forks, MN2021RRCEpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillsilt loamJun 18, 2021Nov 7, 202179.7114.2
Mooreton, ND2020RRSOpdfCornconventional w/o fall tillsilt loamJun 21, 2020Nov 9, 202045.674.3
Hope, ND2021RRCEpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillloamJun 13, 2021Nov 21, 202150.087.2
Royalton, MN2021MNNCpdfCornconventional w/o fall tillloamy sandJun 11, 2021Dec 8, 202143.7132.3
East Grand Forks, MN2020RRCEpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillsilty clay loamJun 29, 2020Nov 8, 202039.7131.7
East Grand Forks, MN2022RRCEpdfCornconventional w/o fall tillsilty clay loamJul 9, 2022Nov 18, 202235.3162.9
Wendell, MN2022MNNCpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillclay loamJul 8, 2022Nov 16, 202244.217-0.3
Colgate, ND2022RRCEpdfNavy Beansconventional w/ fall tillloamJul 8, 2022Nov 17, 202242.9201.4
Starbuck, MN2022MNNCpdfCornconventional w/ fall tillloamJul 9, 2022Nov 11, 202242.321-1.2
Buffalo, ND2021RRCEpdfPrevent Plant/Rye Coverminimum w/ fall tillloamJun 17, 2021Nov 5, 202145.1262.9
Royalton, MN2022MNNCpdfCornconventional w/ fall tillloamy sandJul 2, 2022Nov 17, 202234.128-4.2
Albany, MN2022MNNCpdfSoybeansconventional w/ fall tillloamJul 3, 2022Nov 29, 2022-->30--
Georgetown, MN2021RRCEpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillsilty clayJun 10, 2021Oct 25, 2021-->30--
Litchville, ND2020RRSOpdfwheatconventional w/o fall tillloamJun 28, 2020Nov 10, 2020-->30--
Georgetown, MN2022RRCEpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillsilty clayJun 22, 2022Nov 4, 2022-->30--
Georgetown, MN2020RRCEpdfCornminimum w/o fall tillsilty clayJul 1, 2020Nov 2, 2020-->30--
Georgetown, MN2022RRSOpdfwheatconventional w/ fall tillsilty clayJun 22, 2022Nov 7, 2022-->30--
Kragnes, MN2020RRCEpdfwheatminimum w/ fall tillsilty clayJun 21, 2020Nov 2, 2020-->30--
Kindred, ND2022RRSOpdfSoybeansconventional w/ fall tillsilty clayJun 27, 2022Nov 5, 2022-->30--
Milnor, ND2022RRSOpdfCornno-tillsilt loamJun 27, 2022Nov 9, 2022-->30--