FIRST Data Use Policy

COPYRIGHT: All FIRST test results are copyrighted by Elite Field Genetics, LLC but are made available as per site Harvest Reports or regional Performance Summaries at no cost to seed company sponsors. Our sponsors and their employees are allowed to reproduce, extract, or interpret them without written permission, provided the source is referenced and their use is accurate and not misleading. The FIRST Yield Guides produced by Elite Field Genetics, LLC for national distribution are an exception to this policy but are available to seed company sponsors at cost while supplies last. Elite Field Genetics, LLC reserves the right to revoke these permissions from anyone at any time and for any reason.

Any paid seed sponsor may publically use FIRST performance results exclusively from their own branded products regardless of final rank. Use of such data from paid entries would be allowable from their own products that are not published by FIRST in Top 30 Harvest Reports or Performance Summaries. Use of such data is limited to the specific company/brand and would not be permitted in head-to-head comparisons with any other brands that are not published in Top 30 Harvest Reports or Performance Summaries.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Advertising statements based on FIRST results are permitted so long as claims factually reflect the published results. In addition, we request that all ads include the following statement "No product recommendation by FIRST is implied". We ask that all of our sponsors work with us to identify advertisements that reference FIRST tests results which they believe to be inaccurate or misleading. Please contact us to supply a copy of the ad or a reference to where it appears (publication and date). If a seed test manager and Elite Field Genetics, LLC agree with the complaint, it will be detailed in the 'Top of the Year' newsletter, thereby released to the public.

DISTRIBUTION: Reports and Summaries will continue to be made available to the public at no cost as PDF files posted to and by print in statewide weekly newspapers. Sponsors interested in obtaining published data electronically, as spreadsheet or text files, are asked to make their request by contacting the FIRST Information Product Manager. FIRST data not published by Elite Field Genetics, LLC can also be made available, but is contingent on how the data will be used. Please contact the Information Product Manager for more information.