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Dec. 29, 2022
FIRST | FIRST's 2022 Top 30 Soybean Performances

FIRST's 2022 Top 30 Soybean Performances

FIRST has compiled the Top 30 Soybean variety performances in 3 maturity ranges across all testing areas.

Congratulations to these participants that recorded top soybean variety performances in the 2022 FIRST independent yield trials. Products entered in a minimum of 3 regions, with 4 locations each, were included in the analysis. Maturity ranges are listed in the heading of each table. The results are compiled from trials across all FIRST testing regions. 

More about the top performance calculations:

  • Avg. Yield -- grain yield, adjusted to standard grain moisture. Average of all locations in which the product was tested in 2022.
  • Avg. Yield Advantage - comparing product yield to test average yield.
Top 24 Soybean Yield Performances, maturity group 00-2.0, out of 44 varieties.
RankBrand/NameMaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Advantage (bu/ac) ↓
1Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials L 1439 XF1.4RXF41357.74.6
2Genesis Seeds yield trials G1970E1.9E351765.03.3
3Dyna-Gro Seed yield trials S16EN421.6E341462.63.0
4Loyal Brand seed yield trials L1740E1.7E341362.93.0
5Xitavo brand XO 1822E1.8E362166.52.9
6Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials L 1947 E31.9E362164.02.7
7Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials L 1648 LLGT271.6LLGT2751662.12.5
8Stine Seed Company logo 14EE02 §1.4E341453.92.4
9Dairyland Seed Co logo DSR-1505E1.5E341455.42.2
10Asgrow Brand seed logo AG18XF1 §1.8RXF72563.82.2
11Stine Seed Company logo 17EE32 §1.7E372462.82.2
12Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials L 1452 LLGT271.4LLGT2741355.32.1
13Dairyland Seed Co logo DSR-1290E1.2E3,ST41354.91.7
14Titan Pro Seed logo TP 18E221.8E341563.41.6
15Dairyland Seed Co logo DSR-1450E1.4E3,ST41354.71.5
16Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials L 2049 E32.0E362062.31.5
17Genesis Seeds yield trials G1950E1.9E341361.20.9
18Zinesto seed logo Z1902E1.9E362162.10.9
19Loyal Brand seed yield trials L1950E1.9E341361.00.7
20Asgrow Brand seed logo AG19XF3 §1.9RXF62164.50.6
21Zinesto seed logo Z1702E1.7E351762.00.5
22Zinesto seed logo Z1502E1.5E341453.60.4
23Xitavo Seed logo XO 1971E1.9E372563.40.3
24Dairyland Seed Co logo DSR-2040E2.0E341366.00.1


Top 30 Soybean Yield Performances, maturity group 2.1-3.0, out of 77 varieties.
RankBrand/NameMaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Advantage (bu/ac)
1Asgrow Brand seed logo AG21XF2 §2.1RXF62369.53.6
2Hoegemeyer Hybrids logo 2763 E2.7E351967.93.4
3NK Brand logo NK24-A2E3S2.4E3,ST41466.52.7
4NK Brand logo NK23-T9XF §2.3RXF62267.32.7
5Pioneer Hi-bred seed logo P29T37E §2.9E351969.62.4
6FS HiSOY logo HS 25E002.5E341669.02.2
7FS HiSOY logo HS 21E202.1E341667.32.2
8FS HiSOY logo HS 28E102.8E351969.42.1
9Asgrow Brand seed logo AG28XF3 §2.8RXF72566.22.1
10Xitavo Seed logo XO 2181E2.1E382765.92.0
11NuTech Seed logo 27N03E2.7E352069.72.0
12Genesis Seeds yield trials G2960E2.9E393468.31.9
13NuTech Seed logo 29N02E2.9E372669.51.9
14NK Brand logo NK25-C9XF2.5RXF41567.41.8
15Genesis Seeds yield trials G2570ES2.5E3,ST93267.41.7
16Zinesto seed logo Z2101E2.1E341163.81.6
17Xitavo Seed logo XO 2921E2.9E341670.51.6
18DONMARIO seed logo DM24E232.4E341566.41.3
19Xitavo Seed logo XO 2832E2.8E3124466.11.1
20Genesis Seeds yield trials G2270E2.2E372365.71.0
21Stine Seed Company logo 26EC32 §2.6E393264.21.0
22Asgrow Brand seed logo AG27XF3 §2.7RXF93365.41.0
23Pioneer Hi-bred seed logo P26T23E §2.6E362365.31.0
24Genesis Seeds yield trials G2550E2.5E372568.10.9
25Stine Seed Company logo 23EE06 §2.3E351766.50.9
26Zinesto seed logo Z2902E2.9E341567.80.9
27Stine Seed Company logo 26EF23 §2.6E3103665.30.8
28NuTech Seed logo 26N06E2.6E352068.50.8
29Golden Harvest Brand seeds logo GH2292E3 §2.2E3103566.10.7
30Golden Harvest Brand seeds logo GH2653XF §2.6RXF72766.60.7


Top 30 Soybean Yield Performances, maturity group 3.1-4.7, out of 64 varieties.
RankBrand/NameMaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Advantage (bu/ac)
1Golden Harvest Brand seeds logo GH4093E34.0E341463.13.1
2FS HiSOY logo HS 31E203.1E3,ST51770.02.9
3NuTech Seed logo 34N02E3.4E372365.42.7
4Dyna-Gro Seed yield trials S37ES523.7E3,ST41364.22.3
5NuTech Seed logo 35N03E3.5E372364.82.1
6Hoegemeyer Hybrids logo 3413 E3.4E341654.72.0
7Xitavo Seed logo XO 3861E3.8E393358.72.0
8Xitavo Seed logo XO 3803E3.8E3,ST62352.12.0
9Pioneer Hi-bred seed logo P42A84E4.2E352152.91.6
10DONMARIO seed logo DM41E734.1E341361.81.4
11Xitavo Seed logo XO 4522E4.5E341453.81.4
12Lewis Hybrids logo 3834XF3.8RXF51853.21.2
13Dyna-Gro Seed yield trials S35XF723.5RXF41459.21.1
14NK Brand logo NK36-H9E3S3.6E3,ST41459.21.1
15NuTech Seed logo 40N02E4.0E341361.41.1
16NuTech Seed logo 39N07E3.9E341360.91.1
17Stine Seed Company logo 38EF32 §3.8E3113956.30.9
18FS HiSOY logo HS 38E203.8E3,ST51662.10.9
19Stine Seed Company logo 31EF23 §3.1E393263.70.6
20Stine Seed Company logo 32EE21 §3.2E393365.20.6
21Genesis Seeds yield trials G3460ES3.4E3,ST62357.50.6
22Xitavo Seed logo XO 3402E3.4E341461.20.5
23Asgrow Brand seed logo AG32XF2 §3.2RXF51962.40.5
24FS HiSOY logo HS 35E103.5E341465.50.4
25Hoegemeyer Hybrids logo 3953 E3.9E341647.10.4
26Pioneer Hi-bred seed logo P31T64E §3.1E341565.30.3
27Dyna-Gro Seed yield trials S38XF22S3.8RXF,ST51560.00.2
28Xitavo Seed logo XO 3922E3.9E351856.40.1
29Apex Brand Seeds logo AE3330S3.3E351764.70.1
30FS HiSOY logo HS 32F103.2RXF51770.40.1

§ Entry sponsored by the United Soybean Board.

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