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Dec. 29, 2022
FIRST | FIRST's 2022 Top 30 Corn Grain Performances

FIRST's 2022 Top 30 Corn Grain Performances

FIRST has compiled the Top 30 Corn Grain hybrid performances in 3 maturity ranges across all testing areas.

Congratulations to these participants that recorded top corn grain performances in the 2022 FIRST independent yield trials. Products entered in a minimum of 3 regions, with 5 or 6 locations each, were included in the analysis. Maturity ranges are listed in the heading of each table. The results are compiled from trials across all FIRST testing regions. 

More about the top performance calculations:

  • Avg. Yield -- grain yield, adjusted to standard grain moisture. Average of all locations in which the product was tested in 2022.
  • Avg. Yield Advantage - comparing product yield to test average yield.
Top 30 2022 Corn Grain Yield Performances, 78-104 RM maturity, out of 76 hybrids.

Brand/Name (Product Report link)

MaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Ad-van-tage (bu/ac) ↓
1Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-4219AM102AM1055234.611.2
2Renk Seed yield trials RK590VT2P98VT2P843220.97.7
3Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-3550AM95AM527206.47.7
4Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-3727AM97AM633219.47.2
5Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-3900AM99AM948222.66.9
6FS InVISION yield trials  FS 5098V RIB100VT2P423230.46.8
7Thunder Seed yield trials T6298 VT2P98VT2P526214.75.9
8Wyffels yield trials W3576103VT2P421232.95.8
9Dyna-Gro yield trials D40VC41RIB100VT2P420221.05.5
10Augusta Seed yield trials A3655 VT2P104VT2P423239.85.4
11FS InVISION yield trials FS 4927T RIB99TRE423228.85.2
12Augusta Seed yield trials A2050 VT2P100VT2P422226.54.8
13Renk Seed yield trials RK600VT2P100VT2P949222.24.2
14Integra Seed yield trials 4993 TRERIB99TRE948220.33.8
15Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trials LH 4527 VT2P RIB95VT2P528203.53.8
16Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-3601AM96AM527215.13.7
17Dyna-Gro yield trialsD44DC73RIB104VT2PDG525230.33.7
18Renk Seed yield trials RK625DGVT2P104VT2PDG1054235.13.5
19Integra Seed yield trials 5443 DGVT2PRIB104VT2PDG948231.73.4
20Titan Pro seed yield trials 11-98 2P98VT2P423219.03.3
21NuTech Seed yield trials 64B5Q104QR423248.43.3
22Renk Seed yield trials RK597SSPRO99STXP949221.03.0
23Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-3477AM94AM527201.32.6
24Renk Seed yield trials RK444VT2P93VT2P527201.12.4
25Augusta Seed yield trials A2148-3220-EZ98V422212.62.1
26Augusta Seed yield trials A3052-5222-EZ102DV423223.01.9
27Wyffels yield trialsW175897STX422218.11.8
28Titan Pro seed yield trials84-01101CONV423226.51.4
29Renk Seed yield trials RK615SSTX102STX1267225.51.2
30Latham Hi-Tech Seeds yield trialsLH 5245 VT2P RIB102VT2P739218.71.0


Top 30 Corn Grain Yield Performances, 105-110 RM maturity, out of 100 hybrids.
RankBrand/NameMaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Advantage (bu/ac) ↓
1Viking Seed yield trials72-06106CONV526236.910.6
2NuTech Seed yield trials70B4AM110AM1159246.39.7
3NuTech Seed yield trials 70F6Q110QR951252.49.7
4Integra Seed yield trials 6061 STXRIB110STX530250.18.8
5Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-5095AM110AM527245.78.3
6Renk Seed yield trials RK720TRE106TRE529244.98.1
7Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-4917AM109AM528243.27.7
8Titan Pro seed yield trials 24-05 PCE105PC,E529240.47.1
9Cornelius Seed yield trials C6847TRE108TRE530244.16.6
10Augusta Seed yield trials A1956106PC,E423246.66.6
11Cornelius Seed yield trials C6525SSP105STXP424244.56.4
12AgVenture yield trialsAV5508108AM742247.36.2
13Integra Seed yield trials 5802 VT2PRIB108VT2P20107228.76.0
14Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds yield trialsP0953AM CK109AM654230.95.5
15Dyna-Gro yield trialsD50VC09RIB110VT2P842213.65.4
16NuTech Seed yield trials 68A7AM108AM1055244.85.4
17FS InVISION yield trials FS 6017V RIB110VT2P1582242.05.3
18Kruger Seeds yield trialsK0915DD109VT2PDG530232.55.3
19NuTech Seed yield trials 68A9AM108AM1054245.24.9
20Cornelius Seed yield trials C7021DP110VT2P636253.24.9
21Hefty Seed Company yield trialsH5862108VT2P633234.74.9
22Dyna-Gro yield trialsD48SS50RIB108STX529248.14.9
23Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-4510Q105QR737236.34.5
24Seed Consultants yield trialsSC1093AM109AM422227.84.4
25FS InVISION yield trials FS 6025X RIB110STX1582240.84.1
26Integra Seed yield trials 6061 TRERIB110TRE1158215.44.1
27Hefty Seed Company yield trials H5655106TRE632226.34.0
28Dairyland Seed yield trials DS-4878AM108AM736236.33.9
29Wyckoff Hybrids yield trials2632 SS RIB108STX419233.23.7
30Dyna-Gro yield trials D49VC53109VT2P738218.03.5


Top 30 Corn Grain Yield Performances, 111-120 RM maturity, out of 107 hybrids.
RankBrand/NameMaturityTechFIRST RegionsObs (n)Avg Yield (bu/ac)Avg. Yield Advantage (bu/ac) ↓
1Wyckoff Hybrids yield trials 2711 VT2P RIB112VT2P419240.19.3
2FS InVISION yield trials FS 6627T RIB116TRE632248.78.9
3Wyffels yield trialsW7876RIB114VT2P1057240.48.7
4Taylor Seed Farms yield trials EXP C-114-23114VT2P422181.17.4
5Innvictis Seed Solutions yield trials A1462114VT2P530259.17.4
6Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds yield trials P1136AM GC111AM525225.76.8
7FS InVISION yield trials FS 6395VDG RIB113VT2PDG740248.36.6
8Dyna-Gro yield trials D54VC34RIB114VT2P843232.16.5
9FS InVISION yield trials FS 6595V RIB115VT2P844245.06.0
10Wyckoff Hybrids yield trials 2679 DGVT2P RIB112VT2PDG419236.35.6
11Lewis Hybrids yield trials 15DT512115TRE421209.85.5
12DeKalb Seed yield trials DKC62-70RIB CK112VT2P748196.05.5
13Integra Seed yield trials 6493 VT2P114VT2P843216.15.0
14LG Seeds yield trials LG66C44VT2RIB116VT2P422252.14.9
15Dyna-Gro yield trials D55VC80RIB115VT2P527231.64.8
16Lewis Hybrids yield trials 15DP899115VT2P421209.14.7
17Wyffels yield trials W7208RIB112STX423259.34.6
18ProHarvest Seeds yield trials 8360 VT2PRIB113VT2P634248.04.4
19Innvictis Seed Solutions yield trials A1192111STX742242.44.3
20Taylor Seed Farms yield trials 6012 TRE111TRE421181.54.3
21Wyffels yield trials W7945114TRE1057235.94.3
22Wyffels yield trials W7536DGRIB112VT2PDG741245.24.1
23Augusta Seed yield trials A1961 TRE111TRE736227.34.1
24Kruger Seeds yield trials K1139SS111STX530233.23.8
25Kruger Seeds yield trials K1191DT111TRE530232.93.6
26Augusta Seed yield trials A4463 VT2P113VT2P420224.93.3
27NuTech Seed yield trials 72D4AM112AM525229.53.3
28ProHarvest Seeds yield trials 84P78 TRERIB114TRE739245.03.3
29LG Seeds yield trials LG63C82DGVT2PRO113VT2PDG423257.93.3
30Lewis Hybrids yield trials 11DT912111TRE420213.33.2

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