DTN Progressive Farmer | FIRST Test Plot Hosts Sought for 2023

FIRST Test Plots Give Up-Close Look at How Latest Seed Offerings Perform on Your Farm

Kyle Samp Cairo MO plot hostWhen you're in the market for a new pickup truck, you head down to the local dealership for a test drive. But what about when you're searching for a more productive corn hybrid or soybean variety for your farm? Where can you kick the tires on seed?

While most rely on the advice and expertise of their local seed representatives and company data when choosing hybrids and varieties, those who wish to get more hands-on have a unique opportunity through Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST). Since 1997, the organization has offered growers an opportunity to participate in field trials for corn, corn silage and soybeans, allowing for timely, unbiased comparisons of seed genetics directly on the farm. FIRST is actively seeking test plot hosts for 2023.


Author: Jason Jenkins