Announcing New Weather and Product Results Tools in Harvest Reports

For producers making seed decisions this fall, FIRST has more tools and richer information to offer. Announcing plot weather profiles in our Top 30 Harvest Reports.

Plot Weather Profiles

In August 2020, we asked the FIRST community what would add value to our yield trial reports each season. The overwhelming majority (69% of respondents) answered that they want the plots' local weather profile added.   

As a result, FIRST is pleased to announce that plot weather will now appear in 2021 FIRST Top 30 Harvest Reports. Rainfall and GDU totals for each month and the season are summarized at the top of the weather page.  A convenient weather graphic displays rainfall events and accumulation, GDUs, and temperatures compared to normals for the entire season from planting to harvest. 

For corn grain, estimated mid-pollination and maturity dates are indicated using the relative maturities in the test and accumulated GDUs.  


Example new weather page in 2021 Harvest Reports

The weather data is derived from the highly regarded PRISM dataset, a publicly available source of climate observations.  PRISM integrates weather information from multiple sources and models to create a spatially complete dataset at 4 km resolution for the lower 48 states.

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Product Results Links

We have added another feature to both the Top 30 Harvest Reports and Top 30 Region Summaries: links to each seed product's full results report at FIRST Seed Product Search was launched last year and provides a summary report for seed products with all yields — across all years — in FIRST tests. The report includes locations where the product was tested on an interactive map and allows you to sort or search tabular results for particulars like tillage, fertilization, and soil type. 


Example Product Results links in 2021 Harvest Reports

Click here to try the Seed Product Search 


Product Search Demonstration

See how Seed Product Search works in this brief YouTube video:

Seed Product Search Intro video

Thanks to the excellent FIRST community for their continued feedback, helping us improve the information we provide for producers and the seed industry.