2020 Performance Summary Reports Available

The Performance Summary reports for 2020 FIRST yield trials are available now! They highlight the top performances of corn and soybean products available from the distinguished seed industry partners who entered FIRST tests this year.

We want to introduce our annual Performance Summaries, compiling the 2020 FIRST yield performance trial results.  These reports are available on our National Summary Reports page, which is linked from our Archives and under each crop menu.

IL-WI-NCTS Performance Summary NE Nebraska and Northern Iowa Performance Summary Central and Southern Minnesota


We’ve organized the reports differently this year, using the regions directed by our Field Managers.  FIRST Field Managers are the key to our partnership between seed industry sponsors and farmer members who host the trial sites, bringing valuable yield data to a wide audience who follow FIRST.

Each Performance Summary report provides an overview of the 2020 season in those regions and details how FIRST tests are conducted.  The region summary tables highlight the Top 30 products by yield performance across that region’s geography: 4 sites for soybeans and silage, and 5-6 sites for corn grain.  

All of the products in the tests are listed, along with brand information so you can contact seed companies about their products.

Thank you to our growing audience for tuning in and using FIRST’s timely, unbiased yield performance data to inform your operational decisions.