Introducing Customization for Harvest Emails

FIRST Introduces Harvest Notification Customization. Whether you’ve been receiving FIRST’s harvest emails for days or years, you can now customize preferences for which reports you hear about by email.

How it works

Existing Subscribers  |  To log in to your account, click on the Login link in the green bar menu at the top of Click the “Email me a link” button to receive an email that will allow you to directly login to the Notification Preferences page.  Alternatively, a link to change your Preferences is included at the bottom of every harvest notification email you receive from FIRST. 

New Subscribers | Go to the login page and create a new account, and adjust your Notification Preferences when you set up the account.



In the Notifications section, you can select Corn Grain, Soybean, and Corn Silage report categories. Please note that all of the categories you select will be included in email notifications. For example, if you select Soybean reports from 3 maturity ranges and 3 states that do not overlap, you will be sent emails pertaining to all of those areas.  

If you want to adjust your preferences or add information such as volunteering to host a test plot, log back in anytime. You can set a password or continue to use an email link to login.  

We value the privacy of your data, and you can read more about our terms and privacy policies online.

What are Harvest Notification Emails?

FIRST-harvest-emailDuring the harvest season, FIRST sends an email containing direct links to Harvest Report and Regional Summary PDF files completed the day before or over the weekend on Mondays. 

An email is only sent when there are new reports, and now that subscribers can customize their preferred notifications, only when the new reports match those crops and categories the subscriber selected.  For example, if you would like to receive emails only when new Soybean reports are available in Iowa, you can narrow down email notifications to those selections using your account Notification Preferences. 

FIRST has been sending email notifications for the past 12 seasons, and we are happy to offer this service for everyone interested in the very latest independent, unbiased corn and soybean yield performance results, straight to their inbox.

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