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Feb. 21, 2020
FIRST | Looking for our Archives?

Looking for our Archives?

We redesigned our Report Archives to make finding the data you need easier and more interactive.

Are you looking for the Performance Summary Editions for 2019 or prior years?  You can find those reports, as well as all of our historic National Summary Reports, using navigation headings: Corn Grain > National Summary Reports or Soybeans > National Summary Reports.  Our full archive of Harvest Reports and Region Summary Reports and information is available using the Archives heading.

National Summary ReportsScreenshot - national reports

The 2019 Performance Summaries provide details on our testing program, and corn and soybean yield performance summarized across all sites in each region.  The reports are divided into three editions, West, Northwest, and East.  The Top 30 products by Gross Income are listed for each region, showing hybrids and varieties with proven performance in many replications and locations.  FIRST has published comprehensive reports every year, compiling testing procedures, field management and notes, and hybrid and variety performance.  Browse through our history of professional, standardized performance testing and timely reporting.

Harvest Reports and Regional Summaries

The complete archives of Harvest Reports and individual region Performance Summary results are provided in the Archives section of the website.  Select a Crop and Year, then drill down by State and Region to find the results relevant to your area.  Find archival reportsClick on locations in the interactive map to see general report details like site average yield and field notes ("View on Map" tab), or switch to the "View as Table" tab to use the convenient list of reports by region.

Look for our new Product Search feature coming soon, which will add a product-specific search to the FIRST toolbox.  

We hope these changes offer more convenient ways to use FIRST's unbiased, accurate yield data to make your seed product decisions.  If you have questions about the archives, contact us at [email protected]