We are making way for major upgrades!

FIRST's unbiased, accurate yield data will be in the hands of producers and seed industry professionals in better and faster ways in 2020.


Improved map features

For the last 24 years, thousands of data-driven farmers have checked FIRST harvest reports for unbiased information about top-yielding genetics and technologies in our test results. Many have asked for map-based tools to find and view the reports relevant to their area. So, we've made interactive maps for Harvest Reports in our redesigned Archives. Select a Crop, Year, and drill down to State and Region to find the reports you trust using the Map or Table view.

The 2019 Harvest Map is available on our home page. Click on locations to see details on plant and harvest dates, site yield average, field notes, and links to the Harvest Report and Regional Performance Summary.


Product Search Coming Soon

Product Search will allow visitors to search for products tested in our program based on Brand or Maturity. The search results quickly summarize product details including the brand information, interactive map of where a product was tested, individual site yields and harvest report links. For #Harvest2020, results will be searchable in this tool as harvest progresses.

Look for news about launching the Product Search by following us here at www.firstseedtests.com, @FirstSeedTests on Twitter and Facebook.

Product Search Screenshot

More Product Testing Details

As 2020 progresses, we will regularly post information about test sites, planting conditions, products tested this year, and other details about the season to bring context to #Harvest2020.