News | December 2019

Photo courtesy of Corey Rozenboom

Photo courtesy of Corey Rozenboom

Midwest Messenger | Unexpected Results in ’19 Plot Testing

Because nobody can really predict the weather from one year to the next, it’s wise to choose and select those corn and soybean products that have yield stability. FIRST's Corey Rozenboom explores the unexpected curve balls with the 2019 growing season. unexpected-results-in-19-plot-testing/article_028e21e8-281f-11ea-b73f-eb4de8192e74.html

Author: Katy Moore | ISA Releases Soybean Variety Value Data To Help Protect Farm Revenue

The Illinois Soybean Association has posted an updated list of high-value soybean varieties to help farmers fight back against farm revenue losses from synthetic feed ingredients. Each variety listed was planted in the 2018 F.I.R.S.T. trials and planted in at least one test plot in Illinois from 2013 to 2018.

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